Tuesday, July 23

Emily + Devon // Lethbridge Wedding Photographer

On June 21, 2013 Devon + Emily became husband and wife. June 21 was also smack dab in the middle of the worst flooding in Alberta's history, and was the day that the Lethbridge Oldman River was expected to flood. The entire province of Alberta was in shock as we watched cities flood and over 100,000 people evacuated from their homes. Our thoughts and prayers and with all of those who have been and still are affected by the flooding.

Devon and Emily were hit with a lot of 'what-if's' on their wedding day, but they handled it with complete ease. We had every type of weather you can possibly imagine.... sunny and hot in the morning, windy and overcast after the ceremony, and pouring rain and hail half way through their portraits. It definitely made for an interesting day, and an AMAZING sky for their portraits! In the end, their wedding day was incredibly beautiful and we were so honored to be a part of it.

Wedding Vendors:
Hair and make up: Rapunzil's Salon
Portrait Locations: Lethbridge coulee's, CASA, Crazy Cakes


  1. Aww - what a lovely day. Beautiful portraits in the field. My favourite has to be the groom's face as she comes down the aisle - such an "aww" moment perfectly captured. Great job Tracy :-)

  2. You did a great going with the flow WITH your clients. You took what was handed to you and got wonderful shots of thier day. Kuddos to you!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the flood :-/ But the pictures are beautiful! I'm glad everyone was able to celebrate and have a good time in spite of it all.

  4. I LOVE the shot with the stormy clouds overhead! Giant canvas material for sure :)

  5. Loved all the photos! Great job at capturing this special day for them!

  6. I like the all the images of the brides and her bridesmaids in the salon! Very cool!