Tuesday, September 24


There is something so peaceful, and cozy about Autumn. Now that Fall has officially arrived, we wanted to pass on some inspiriation for this seasons weddings. 

We can't think of a better symbol of Fall than golden leaves. These leaf escort cards are a   fabulous way of incorporating nature into your wedding decor. They are simple, easy of the wedding budget, and down right adorable! 

Image captured by Ali Harper Photography

My favorite thing about Autumn is pulling out all the comfy sweaters and cardigans that have been hanging out in the closet for the summer. So naturally, one of my favorite Fall wedding trends is the colored cardi over top of your wedding dress! It's such a fabulous way to add a pop of color to your wedding photos, and to show a little bit of your personal style at the same time. 

Image captured by Cameron Ingalls

Don't even get me started on these shoes! I absolutely love when brides think outside the box with their wedding footwear. Gone are the days of white heels (yay!). These vintage inspired shoes are one of the hottest trends right now. 

Image captured by Welovepictures

Oh how we love the rich colors of Fall. Putting pops of these colors into your bouquet is a great way to subtely introduce Autumn themes into your wedding. Not everything to do with Fall has be orange. This lovely bouquet is filled with burgandy, rose, pale pink, and lavender and definitely gives off the Autumn vibe without being over the top. 

Image captured by Michele M. Walte

Who doesn't love a good caramel apple? What an adorable little treat to serve guests on a beautiful Autumn evening. We love this little tutorial from The Last Detail. 


  1. I would love to see and shoot more fall weddings. This is great inspiration!

  2. i love these - great job! those caramel apples do look yum! :-)

  3. These are fantastic ideas! ..and I really want a caramel apple now :)

  4. Beautiful inspiration! This doesn't make the end of summer feel so bad!

  5. I love seeing the transition of seasons and fall is one of my favorite. Now to somehow find a caramel apple at 6am!

  6. Wow! Some amazing ideas! My favorite - the leaf escort cards!!!!

  7. I dream of shooting a fall wedding ... So gorgeous.

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