Friday, April 4


As you all probably know by now, we have a love for anything vintage here at Love and be Loved. I’m especially drawn to the 1950’s. Incredible fashion, romantic music, gorgeous photographs… what’s not to love?

Growing up, we would go to visit my grandparents on the west coast every summer. Their home was filled with antique treasures and fun knick knacks that they had saved throughout the years. I played with paper dolls and Barbies from the 1950’s, while my brother would play with the same trucks and tractors that my dad had as a child…. everything in pristine condition. 

On one particular visit, my grandparents pulled out their old photo slide projector and I sat there in awe as they showed us photo slides from their past, including their wedding day. I loved everything about that evening. Listening to my Grandparents reminisce about their lives together, and watching the looks on their faces as the memories came back to them. That is why I love photography. A moment in time paused, to be remembered and admired for generations. 

Photos found (here) + (here)

Years later, when I was in high school, my grandmother decided to get rid of their photo projector and to have all their photo slides scanned and made into prints. She sent me a handful of images that she thought I might like to have. My heart was overjoyed when I looked through the prints and was reminded of that wonderful evening at my Grandparents home. The photos that she sent me were from their wedding day, little did she or I know at the time that I would eventually become a wedding photographer. I have treasured these images dearly ever since. 

TOP LEFT: My beautiful Grandmother in her stunning Grace Kelly inspired wedding gown.  TOP RIGHT: My Grandmother and Grandfather.
BOTTOM LEFT: Their wedding party. How fantastic are the outfits, glasses, and hair in these photographs?  BOTTOM RIGHT: In their "Going Away" outfits. I love this picture so much. 




  1. How amazing is that!!!! Maybe she knew all along? Such sweet memories!!

  2. Amazing photos! I love looking at old family pics, too! My Dad just finished scanning ours (tons of boxes!!) and we have a lot of old prints, too. He was a semi-pro photographer and I loved spending hours in the dark room with him!! :-) These memories will last forever!

  3. I totally remember playing with paper dolls at my grandparents too. Love this post!

  4. What a great story, thanks for sharing!

  5. So cool! I love all things vintage, too. These photographs are so beautiful.

  6. Very touching. I love looking through old photographs as well. Beautiful!