Friday, November 14


When we first heard that Lindsey + Colin were getting married at Lucasia Ranch we were ecstatic. With their love for horses and the outdoors, they could not have chosen a better venue for their simple country wedding. This adorable little ranch is so full of rustic charm, and true to who these two are as a couple. They said "I do" nestled in the trees beside a babbling brook, with their closest friends and family gathered around. Every detail of this wedding DIY wedding was so fun, complete with tie roping, a backyard BBQ steak dinner, and a rainbow over the cow fields to end the evening on a perfect note.


  1. Oh my gosh- what a gorgeous location. Simply taking my breath away!

  2. ah! are you serious??? they rode off on horses, and there was a rainbow? come ON!!! this post confirms my obsession with feet - i loved the one with the flowers in the boots, the one with his foot propped up against the fence, and especially the one with their feet in the stirrups! all so creative!

  3. Wow! I love all the details and your composition...amazing!!!